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We understand solar panel installation can be a complex project, so we keep you informed and involved in every stage of the process.

SunPower by Hooked on Solar | System Design


2 weeks
We measure your roof and sun exposure.

SunPower by Hooked on Solar | System Design


Our experts design your best custom solution.

SunPower by Hooked on Solar | Installation


1-3 days
This usually takes just a day for our professionals installers


Services We Provide

We’ve been the leaders installing solar panel systems on the west coast on numerous homes and commercial buildings in Sacramento and Surrounding Cities for nearly 12 years. With state-of-the-art SunPower® by Hooked on Solar technology and our professional team that consist of system designers and installers who love what they do. (who also happen to be licensed electricians), Our team will guide you through the process to help you effectively and affordably power your home or business for decades to come.

Residential installation

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Residential installation

In Sacramento and Lincoln and surrounding cities, solar energy for your home works just like your utility bill, except the cost is fixed and lower.

Commerical installation

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Commerical installation

As a business owner in Sacramento and Lincoln and surrounding cities, you can combat rising utility costs by powering your business with solar energy.

Non-Profit installation

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Non-Profit installation

As a Non-Profit in Sacramento and Lincoln and surrounding cities, you can combat rising utility costs by powering your business with solar energy.

Our clients love us.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what they have to say.

Very pleased so far with the work done though SunPower Direct and Hooked on Solar. The entire process from the home sales appt to permission to operate from PG&E took less than 3 months. We had 18 panels installed and an upgrade to our panel to accommodate a future electric vehicle. We were constantly updated on the progress of the work and contacted via email or phone to make sure there were no questions unanswered. All parties were very professional and treated our home with respect. My BF is very familiar with roofing and was satisfied with the work done with the actual panel installation. We did have one issue with a carpet that was resolved quickly and to our satisfaction. In addition to a nice discount on the system and the future tax incentives, SunPower Direct offered to cover the financing for the first year ( we purchased our panels ). The system will be monitored by SunPower as well as personally for many years to come. My experience was a very positive one and would recommend the services of SunPower by Hooked on Solar.
Arlene L. Castro Valley, CA
First and foremost, they arrived at the time promised. All of the crew introduced themselves and then methodically went about their job assignments. During the 2 day process, we were informed of what was happening and allowed to ask questions. It was an utmost pleasure to work with company employees that know their job and seem to enjoy doing the job right. In a day when shoddy work has almost become the norm… this job exceeded my expectations and recommend them to anyone. Thanks
Paul L, Concord CA
My name is Steve Hehner and I am a resident of Placer County. I am a real stickler for what kind of product and service a company and its personal can offer me. Working with Hooked on Solar has been the best experience I have had with a company and its product in 25 years. I must mention a few names that top the list in my mind; Lauren Zuegel in sales and customer service, Juan Ochoa the installation foreman, Joseph Aragon, installation foreman and their crew. The absolute attention to detail, communication skills, and extremely personal service that I was given and still am receiving during the custom designing and installation of our solar unit, has, to say the least, been amazing. I spent 3 years researching solar, the materials used to construct the units and the quality and durability. Hooked on Solar and the individuals who have been mentioned have gone way beyond the mark of excellence. I will actually give them 10 stars. They all have made this whole experience actually quite pleasurable. Their product is the best I have researched. I really appreciate the fact that I have American made solar panels on my roof. I just want to conclude by saying that never have I been more pleased with all the facets involved with such a process as this than I am with Hooked on Solar and those awesome individuals who made this opportunity possible.
Steve H. Lincoln, CA
I got bids from four Solar companies. After interviewing all the companies and doing some research I went with Hooked on solar. They use the top of the line solar panels (Sun Power) where the other companies use cheaper panels. The sales staff was very friendly and no high pressure, she did not continue calling me trying to get me to sign a contract like the other companies did. The installation crew was also very friendly and prompt. They did a great job with the installation and clean up. I have recommended Hooked on solar to all my friends who are interested in going Solar. Don’t be fooled by the high pressure sales tactics the other companies use, and don’t let them bash other solar companies. Do your home work and look into Hooked on solar and Sun power panels.
Gerry B, Cameron Park CA
I received 3 quotes and overviews from three Solar Companies and by far, Hook on Solar made the most sense. Their sales rep, Lauren Zuegel did a great showing me the differences between products (Panels, inverters etc) and other requirements, to build a system that would meet my needs well into the future. Also their install team did a great job on the installation and was quick to get it up and running with SMUD. I would highly recommend meeting with her before making a final decision on a Solar System.
Jay W. Sacramento, CA
Incredible service, incredible company. I live in Auburn, grew up here. This company is local, truly local. My neighbor goes to soccer games with the owner’s son. I went to high school with the sister of the person who happened to be my sales rep. This is not why I chose HoS, but it goes to show that they are tied to the area. I have every confidence that this company stands behind their product and service. The contractors showed up every day ON TIME, and even a few minutes early. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They took my suggestions into account and did things like finding an alternate way to route the piping from the roof to the inverters. Everything looks good, but more importantly functions perfectly. I looked at solar for more than two years, and got bids from multiple companies. HoS was THE BEST – competitive price, incredible product, excellent service. I have recommended HoS to a dozen friends and neighbors, and will continue to do so. This company is top-notch!
Jesse J. Auburn, CA
From the initial phone call asking if we were interested in leasing a solar system to completion of the installation yesterday every employee we have had contact with has been polite, respectful as well as professional.
David L, Woodland CA
It has been such a blessing to have Hooked On Solar complete our project. Can’t wait to see how we do in the months to come. Your crew was very pleasant and easy to worked with. You can tell they are treated fairly and enjoy their job.
Candy G, Placerville CA
Frankly, I did not think that Hooked On Solar could help us because our usage and cost was so low. Hooked On Solar is represented by very knowledgeable, personable and honest employees. I have already referred Hooked On Solar to several of my friends and I share my experience with everyone I know that’s looking into solar energy.
Sam and Nancy B, Stockton CA
I had a very pleasant experience with Hooked On Solar. They promptly addressed any questions that I had. I would recommend Hooked On Solar to anyone thinking about going solar.
David J, Auburn CA
Nicole Barenchi was our contact. She knows her stuff, took as much time as we needed to explain options, and good at following up. My husband knows panels and said Sunpower is the best panel to get so we went with SunPower by Hooked on Solar. Panels look great and no problems so far. Definitely recommended.
Steph A. Napa, CA
These guys made going solar incredibly easy. I wanted to own my system, not lease, and they had no interest financing for the 30% federal tax credit portion and 2.99% 12 yr for the rest. The Sunpower panel are a premium panel with very high watts/sq ft which was important given the limited amount of south facing roof we have. Their rep, Lauren, was very easy to work with and kept me up to date on the process. I’d highly recommend them.
Stewart H. Fairfield, CA
My experience with SunPower by Hooked On Solar was outstanding from start to finish. Lauren Zuegel was understanding of my needs on our solar system.everybody I talked to knew the answers. The installation crew was friendly and did a outstanding job. THANKS SO MUCH!!
Gary B. Stockton, CA
We can finally say goodbye to the $600 + a month PG&E bills. My husband and I are so very pleased with the exceptional service we have received from Hooked on Solar. We couldn’t ask for a more professional, and knowledgeable, caring sales representative than Christy Aidnik. Christy, from the very beginning was no pressure, no hustle, patient sales rep. Christy presented us with a very intuitive, factual, no fine print proposal for our two systems we inquired about. Hooked on Solar was one of 12 different quotes we received over a 12 month period. Christy, presentation did not take hours to present because she had all her facts together and she didn’t have to try and force a sale on the panels because the “Sun Power” panels that are being installed are by far the best. Christy, has a very calm demeanor and was very prompt in replying to either e-mails or voice mails that we had prior to committing to have solar installed at our home. We couldn’t have asked for a better sales rep, install crew or business to do our solar business with. If only all large transactions in life could be this easy and smooth. We highly recommend Christy from Hooked on Solar.
Kristin S. Lincoln, CA
We just got our first true up bill and we are so happy with Hooked On Solar and our SunPower system! Our solar system was sized based on the previous year’s usage and we were very conservative with our air conditioner before we had solar. Now we have our air conditioner cranking out cold air all summer and are now living our life so much more comfortably and we only paid $100. Thank you Hooked On Solar!
Justine, CA
My husband and I had been searching for the right solar company to work with after received HUGE electric bills, especially during the hot summer months. By the 3rd try, we finally found Hooked on Solar. Our representative was wonderful, the process was virtually painless, and in no time we had the panels installed. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of solar! So far, we have been completely happy with it.
Selena O. Rocklin, CA
Working with Hooked on Solar has got to be one of the best decisions I ever made! Lauren Zuegel was great to work with and still is. She continues to monitor my system and let me know if it is working like it should. (What Great Customer Service) When other solar companies told me that I couldn’t do what I wanted, Lauren made it work. I strongly recommend that you consider Hooked on Solar for your solar needs!! You will be glad that you did!!
Jim L. Yuba City, CA
Hooked on Solar is a fantastic company. They were very communicative during the entire process. The financing program is second to none. We had solar in our previous home and this Hooked on Solar outdid the previous company in every way. No high pressure sales. Solar is the way to go. They have many designs to choose from depending on your house location. The other company we considered (our previous company) did not offer any choices.
Mike G. Rocklin, CA
For a long time now, I have wanted to get away from PG&E, it was like dealing with a big bullie, with his foot on your neck and that they are the only game in town, I hate bullies. I looked into solar, but who could I trust, same story over and over.My friend and coworker Aileen mention she was looking into solar and had spoke with Nicole from Sunpower by Hooked On Solar who she thought made good sense. Understand Aileen checks out everything and nothing gets by her, I have known her for 20 years and she was getting her system installed. Well this is good enough for me, so I called Nicole at SunPower by Hooked on Solar. I had my system installed. I am very happy with it. The folks from Hook on Solar did a good job with installation, they walked me through the process and Nicole has and is there to answer any questions I might have. Thanks SunPower by Hooked on Solar
Robert J. Pittsburg, CA
We are thrilled with the sales and installation of our new solar system. Christy Aidnik really held our hands through the twists and turns we experienced due to our back-yard remodel, including three (!) shade tests. Our install team with Oscar in the lead were knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. It was a 12-hour install in 100 degree heat. Never a complaint, but all yes ma’am and no ma’am.
Trish R. Esparto, CA
Our solar system was installed seamlessly and much earlier than expected! We highly recommend Hooked On Solar.
Kirk D, Auburn CA
I had a great experience with Sunpower. They explained the mechanics, the process of installation, and the consequential benefits with great clarity and patience…with my hundreds of questions. My contact, Lauren Zuegel was very courteous and attentive, following up with every step in the process. There were a couple of bumps and bruises as a result of the installation and Sunpower made sure they were set right! An overall positive experience!
Samantha S. Fairfield, CA
It was a smooth and easy transaction and installation! Justin Orban, solar consultant in Auburn, was professional, informative, and friendly. Justin has a calm demeanor, and helped us through our anxiety and concerns of moving forward towards solar energy usage for our home. After thorough research with other solar companies, working with Justin, and understanding the prevailing technology and research of USA made solar cells of Sunpower, we just had to move forward. Everything from start to finish was very easy and without hassle. We did absolutely nothing and they did all the work…it was as always, professional, courteous, and very clean (transaction, service, and installation)! All the steps to getting our solar installed was described in detail. The engineers during the installation were very organized, efficient, and courteous. Once our solar was installed, the savings were immediate, even during the cold and cloudy days of winter. Our bills during the summer with AC on 24/7 is $0.00!!! Normally, our bills during the summer months are over $600. Our solar was installed in January of 2015. We have no regrets!
EN T. Auburn, CA
Hooked on Solar is the way to go for solar! I had a few bids and this one was by far the most economical while providing even higher quality solar panels (using SunPower top rated panels). Solarcity was more expensive and panels aren’t as good either, so in my mind this was a no brainer. The entire process was super easy and fast. Nicole was very responsive and extremely helpful, answering all the questions I had. I also liked that the install team are part of Hooked on Solar, the work is not sub-contracted out. They followed up to make sure everything was ok, willing to continually answer questions…great service and ongoing support is priceless!!
Mark M. Roseville, CA
We had our solar system installed last spring and have been very pleased! We researched solar panels and decided that SunPower definitely had the best panels available. We had a few problems initially, e.g. one panel did not work, but Hooked on Solar was very fast in getting the problems resolved. We just bought our house last spring. It is all electric, so Solar panels really made a lot of sense. Unfortunately we had no idea what our energy usage would be. Pat Sweeney with Hooked on Solar gave us great advice and help on trying to size the system correctly, but we apparently have a few more than we needed. Since spring we have had no power bills at all, in fact SMUD (in Sacramento) currently owes us ~$150. I wish all of my problems were so bad 🙂 In short. We are very glad to have purchased our solar system from Hooked on Solar!
Kathy Larry N. Sloughhouse, CA
Hip Hip Hooray! Think I will have to throw a party and have all you wonderful people from Hooked on Solar come celebrate with me. Thank you for your time and attention to getting me hooked up and to the end of the tunnel. Thank you just seems so small a thing after all that you have done. So Ya Hooooo!!!
Barbara S, CA
I interviewed and received quotes from 4 solar contractors before going with SunPower by Hooked On Solar for my solar system. They had the best quality and prices by far. Nicole Barenchi had the most experience and least amount of pressure than any of the other sales representatives hands down. It’s been a year since my system was installed and I’ve been very happy with it. AND really love the fact that PG&E is not getting my hard earned money any more.
Mike L. Wheatland, CA
We had 8 different solar companies come to our house before we had Alex Calderon with Hooked on Solar come by. He was so professional, friendly, and we instantly felt very comfortable with him. Needless to say, we decided to go with Hooked on Solar! The whole process, from the first sit down to solar panels being installed took only about 6 weeks and we couldn’t be more pleased. Alex and Joseph were so kind, answered all our questions and everything went so smoothly. We have recommended them to all our friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Alex, and Hooked on Solar!
Jennifer T. Woodland, CA
My experience with hooked on solar was fantastic. I received quotes from other solar contractors before going with Sunpower, hooked on solar for my solar system. They had the best quality and prices. They don’t sell you more panels then what you need. Its’s been great working with Lauren Zuegel. She explained everything step by step. She kept in contact with me all the time by sending me e-mails on a regular basis as the work progressed–from the beginning surveys to the end for the permits. No pressure at all from Lauren. Word by mouth is the greatest advertisement. She was great and I would highly recommend her and her company hooked on solar.
Hector A. Sacramento, CA
We could not be happier with our solar and the whole experience with Hooked On Solar in Lincoln. We started there and Christy spent the time educating us on the Sunpower panels and solar in general. We then “shopped around” getting several estimates as this is a major purchase. Christy’s helpfulness and patience answering our many questions won us over, and the estimate was very competitive. Their crew that did the install was the best, both professional and courteous! They arrived on time and completed the job by mid afternoon! Thank you Christy and thank you to the entire team!
Carlos Z. Lincoln, CA
We want to let you know that from the beginning the whole process of getting solar was wonderful. We had been searching and researching on where to go for solar when we found Hooked On Solar. We were treated wonderfully with all the numerous questions and concerns. Nicole was incredibly helpful and we never once felt pressured to choose your company. When they came to install the equipment the installers were very patient and courteous with me. They were VERY respectful of our home and answered ALL my numerous questions without making me feel awkward. When they were done installing the racking and were supposed to come back and install the panels they made it possible to come back the next day to do accommodate me (I wanted it done the same week) which was awesome. After install was complete, they went over everything with me and made sure I was comfortable and understood how it all worked before leaving. When the day came for the city inspection I had forgotten about the appointment and was leaving to another appointment. They called and had the city come out as soon as possible, so I could leave. It was great that after the inspection, he again went over how everything works and how to turn the system on when we get the OK from PG&E. Thank you so much for everything. It went so smoothly. We will definitely recommend Hooked On Solar to anyone who is curious about solar.
George and Jennifer, Concord CA
Along the solar research path, I was fairly confident I would have a system installed when the numbers worked out, but I was very concerned about the roof mount system. I did not want to experience any water damage from improperly designed system. I believe that if the design is improper, no matter how well it is installed, it will not work. I grilled many solar salespeople and friends on the types of roof mounts and learned a great deal. Ed at Hooked On Solar was the only solar person who was able to convince me of a proper design and positive ROI. By the time Ed and I met, I had a standard “solar sales” question routine. I grilled him with the usual questions and he was able to answer all of my concerns thoughtfully and accurately. Some of the special items that I consider to be exemplary professionalism of Hooked On Solar are as follows: I have a radiant barrier installed in my entire attic. The barrier is one piece taped together, but is free floating. The installation of the electrical conduit to the main panel in the garage requires limited disruption to the barrier. Hooked On Solar was able to perform this attic work with limited disruption to the radiant barrier. We have wild life in our neighborhood, specifically squirrels that drop acorns into our plumbing vent pipes. Years ago, I placed metal baskets over the pipes to stop this behavior which clogged our plumbing. I requested that the solar system not disrupt the pipe and covers which Hooked On Solar was able to accommodate. As with all solar companies, I was very challenging with Ed, asking extensive questions about the system features and contracts. He was excellent in answering all of my questions. As the photos show, I was very “hands-on” with the installation team. All of the team was excellent as I was behind them most of the time, especially the roof mounting and electrical installation of the Inverter. I would highly recommend Hooked On Solar for installation of your solar system. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.
Killian K, El Dorado Hills CA


Let’s Make This Simple
Superior technology equals superior performance period.

Hooked on Solar has and installs the best solar panels available to our customers. This is why SunPower® by Hooked on Solar is the best in our industry!

  • The Maxeon quality cells in SunPower® panels produce 75% more energy over the first 25 years than conventional panels. And is guaranteed to stay that way
  • Designed by SunPower in California, Maxeon® solar cell technology makes more energy from every ray of sunshine it gives us!
  • Our SunPower®  by Hooked on Solar panels can generate 
    70% more energy in the same space over a 25 year span.
  • SunPower Signature™Black solar panels make a statement about on the look of your home while reducing your monthly energy statement

SunPower by Hooked on Solar

Not all clouds are bad news for solar power systems.

With our new  SunPower® app, you can monitor your solar system and see your home’s solar usage and savings with the swipe of a finger anytime, anywhere. The power of our sun is practically in your hand (Isn’t that totally AWESOME.)



Here’s the deal.
How does zero $0 down?

With multiple financing options suitable for every budget, you won’t be questioning yourself if you should make the switch to solar now – you’ll be saying why did I wait so long to make this move. With our no money down option, you’ll start saving from the day you decide its time to move to solar. Spend less time and money worrying about the electrical cost and start enjoying the solar panels on your roof over your head.


Hooked on Solar Non Profit Program

Pat explains the Hooked On Solar non profit program for churches and non profits. Solar panels save money for houses of worship – such as churches – as much as they do for your home or business property.