I installed a solar system SunPower by Hooked on Solar approximately two years ago. I have been very pleased with the entire experience plus I love low, low monthly energy bills, generally only the minimum charge mandated. I would install with Hooked on Solar again in a heart beat.
Rating is based on tech, performance, and people, . The durable technology appears superior to other brands, with minimal degradation over time, and no costly inverter in the garage since each panel has its own. The panels are producing as expected as shown by the SunPower app (concise and quick). and checked against similar PG&E data and graphs. The salesperson (Mitzie) knew the product well and had surprisingly broad industry knowledge. She provided comfort with the technical and financial aspects of the transaction. Installers were on time, efficient, and respectful of our property.
After last year's fires and PSPS outages, I decided to step up my search and get the Solar Panels I'd been thinking about and a battery backup. I did a whole bunch of internet research and met with reps from 3 companies including Brian Pease from Hooked on Solar, a Sunpower reseller/installer. The hardest part was getting like-for-like quotes as they all offer something a bit different. Brian was the 2nd person who visited and at that point, I figured that they were probably the best option for me. We agreed on terms and got the process started. It worked exactly as Brian had laid out. Sadly I started just a hair too late to get a 2019 installation and the larger rebate but my panels went in Late January and the Tesla Power wall a couple of weeks later. Sadly there was an issue with the control board on the Powerwall, but the H-o-S team kept plugging away until they got a new one from Tesla and I was fully online. The final bonus has just come. The H-o-S team did all the paperwork to get me a rebate for using the Powerwall. That went onto a waitlist while the pot of state money was empty. It's just been refilled with the new fiscal year and the H-o-S team pushed the updates through smoothly and quickly and I'm expecting a large check back.
Justin Orban and Juan Ochoa deserve 6 stars! Even though my system is five years old these gentlemen continue to serve and treat me as a valued customer. I had questions about my inverter and got immediate call backs. If you are going to buy a solar electric system be sure the company you select is there to serve and support you AFTER the sale. Hooked on Solar has been superb -- one of the best decisions I've ever made!
If you are thinking about getting solar, look no further than Hooked on Solar. From my first appointment online to the quality check after install, all bases were covered. Lisa McNeil has been phenomenal through the whole process, responding in a timely manner and addressing all my concerns thoroughly. I really like how all their panels are made in America, and that everything is in house, from consult to install to warranty to repair. No 3rd party anything and that speaks volumes to me. Thank you Hooked on Solar!! You guys are the best!
Shawn C.
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I spent about 6 months researching solar systems and back-up batteries not only for myself but as lead for the benefit of our HOA residents also interested. I vetted about 10 companies, met with 6. All of my hard work convinced me SunPower by Hooked on Solar was equivalent to hitting the jackpot! Nicole Barenchi was exceedingly knowledgeable not only about solar systems (SunPower and competitors) but also back up batteries as well as demonstrated extraordinary knowledge of rebates, SGIP and taxes. She is not hard-sales but rather takes the time to provide a full education and answer in-person and back-and-forth questions (I'm sure I exhausted her!). The whole team from start to finish provided a polished and ideal system and customer service experience (an art that is rarely found anymore) from Design, to Install (thanks Esteban team!) to Electrical (thanks Jimmy!) to final and tech assistance (thanks Roy!) to Rebate/s (thanks Rosanna!). This company represents what my research determined...the best solar panels (SunPower) and the best batteries (Tesla) and I was informed and updated at every stage and all levels and my requests were accommodated (BTW, I'm a perfectionist). Obviously I would recommend HOS to everyone considering solar (or just starting to research).