Why SunPower By Hooked On Solar?

Unrivaled Experience

With over eleven years of experience and over 6,500 installs, our track record demonstrates that we are dedicated to quality and integrity. Our professional team of designers and installers love what they do and will deliver the right system to meet your needs.

Best Solar Solution For Your Organization

We partner with SunPower to provide our customers with the best technology available.

  • Better Production. They outperform & outlast conventional panels. More efficient means more power in less space. More power over time with the lowest degradation in the industry.
  • Best Warranty. Rated #1 in durability. SunPower offers the best warranty in the industry.
  • More Savings. More power and longer-lasting means more savings over the life of your system.

Non-Profit and Government Solar Financing

We understand the unique needs of funding solar for organizations that don’t have a tax liability. We can help you maximize your energy savings while minimizing up-front costs.

The Right Solar System For Your Business


The most popular and economical solution for a wide range of situations.

Ground Mount

A great alternative for facilities that don’t have adequate rooftops and where land is available. Still easy to build, operate, and maintain.


A good fit if you have parking spaces available. Produces clean energy while protecting cars and people from the elements.

Battery Storage

Store electricity when the sun is shining and intelligently use battery storage when your demand spikes or when your panels aren’t generating electricity.

Solar Is Better For Your Organization

Reduce Your Energy Costs

With solar, you can save up to 30% or more on your electricity costs. Many organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of their system. Those are precious resources that you can use to fund your more important goals.

Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Utility rates continue to increase. With solar, you fix your electricity rate and protect against unpredictable future increases in energy costs.

Lead By Example

Demonstrate your sustainability leadership by going solar: be a good steward of our environment, help promote U.S. energy independence, and help support our local economy.